Limo Romance

The most romantic use of a limo!

Limo rentals are mostly considered for special occasions. Very few people in the world indulge in limo rentals regularly. While you will always fancy a limo ride and you would want to treasure it with someone you love, or possibly with your friends in Vegas, the question is what is the best use of limo rentals? What is the most romantic use of a limo?

To truly answer that question, there is no single-most romantic use of a limo, at least not one that would be agreed by one and sundry. Personal preferences will always come to the fore while considering limo rentals. The definition of romance also varies from one person to another. It could be sipping some wine while cruising on the French Riviera or treating your beloved a nice hot home-cooked meal at the end of a tedious day. Since there can be umpteen suggestions as to what could be the most romantic use, we take a bit of liberty in including more than one suggestion.

  • The most romantic use of a limo could be riding away in one after a wedding. Many people might consider this to be a cliché. Some people use limo rentals for pre-wedding arrivals. But post wedding getaway in a limo is a more romantic gesture. While wedding may culminate the courting and wooing or the premarital relationship, the immediate moments after the wedding are the precursors to a new life and that can always be made romantic with a special ride.
  • Considering limo rentals while proposing to your beloved is another amazingly romantic move. It may seem very obvious and for some it could be over the top. But proposing in a limo, and better yet if it is a long drive to his or her favorite place, can be perfect. There can be some chivalry, some exclusivity, some luxury and some simple expressions of love. A proposal is always special; the combination of these can make it all the more special.

Wine tours, sightseeing, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and long drives while on vacation or otherwise are different romantic uses of limo rentals. All these can make for a special memory with the special someone but the post wedding drive and the proposal may just be a better proposition.

Regardless of when and how you choose to use limo rentals, it is always better to use it as a surprise.